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Thought SO, Two Brothers Software. How to play the game!

Thought SO is a unique twist to an old puzzle game. The goal of Thought SO is to guest what number the computer has thought of in the quickest time. You can ask the computer as many times as you would like how close you are to the answer. Be careful though, don’t ask for a hint when you have the right answer or you will lose! Also be careful to let the computer know when you have the right answer before all of your guesses are up! These instructions are for both the windows version of Thought SO and the Pocket PC version of Thought SO.

Starting The Game.

The first game will start automatically. Games will start after previous games are won, when difficulty has changed and when you go to FILE -> NEW GAME. Once the game has started you will see the initial control panel with numbers and three buttons to the side: the difficulty adjustor, the thought button and the think button.

The Diff:
The Diff shows the difficulty of the game. A difficulty of 3 asks the computer to pick a number that is 3 digits. A difficulty of 7 asks the computer to pick a number that is 7 digits. As you can tell the longer the number the more difficult it will be to determine what number the computer is thinking. The higher the difficulty, the more chances you will get on trying to solve the game. To change the difficulty of the game, tap on the difficulty identifier in the menu.

The Input Zone
The Input Zone is the area on the top of the screen of play where you enter your guess. You know what numbers you have entered by looking between the arrows -><-. If there is nothing, there is no entry at this time. When you enter numbers, you can enter numbers up to the maximum numbers that you can enter for the difficulty of the game. If you enter MORE numbers that you can for the difficulty of the game, the first number that you have entered will be discarded and the last number you have entered will become the last number in the Input Zone. Once you have finished entering the number, press your next selection.

The THOUGHT Button
The THOUGHT button is the button you will press when you want to hear what the computer’s thought is about your guess. When you press the thought button you will get a message. This message will help you calculate the solution to the puzzle. It will tell you how many guesses are to high (Hi:), Correct (C:), and low (Lo:). After you enter a guess with the number panels into the Input zone, A sample message that you would receive would look like this:

“My thought about 123 is Hi:1 C:0 Lo:2”

This thought tells you that ONE of your number guesses is too high, and that TWO of your number guesses is too low. This also tells you that none of your number guesses are correct. Unlike traditional games that tell you position, Thought SO does not tell you about correct numbers in wrong positions, ONLY right numbers in the right position. To explain a little more about how the THOUGHT process works, we will use the following example. If the computer picks the number 376 the following output would be created.

“My thought about 123 is Hi:0 C:0 Lo:3”

All of the numbers in this THOUGHT are less than the numbers IN THEIR POSITION.

“My thought about 379 is Hi:1 C:2 Lo:0”

The first two numbers in this THOUGHT are correct and the last is higher than the number IN THEIR POSITION.

If you enter 376 in the THOUGHT, you will get the message:

“You were right! I can’t read your thoughts, you need to think out loud!”

This message means that you have lost the game. You must THINK when you have the right solution. You may press the THOUGHT button as much as you would like during the game as long as you do not enter the solution.

The THINK Button
Once you believe that you have determined the solution enter the number into the Input Zone and press the THINK button. If you are correct, you will see the message that tells you that you have won the game. If you are not correct it will give you a message like:

“I think555 is wrong”

If you run out of guesses you will see the message that you have lost, along with the correct answer. Use your guesses wisely, but you may solve the game quicker making two guesses in a THINK move, versus making them in a THOUGHT move!

Two Brothers Software appreciates the time that you have taken to check out Thought So, the unique twist to the old puzzle game! Please check back soon to see more about how to play.

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